For the maintenance of axle and steering knuckle

by:FUSAI     2021-05-21
A, remove 1 of semi-trailer axle, lifted vehicles, remove the front wheel. 2, remove the slotted nut. 3, remove the front brake caliper assembly from the steering knuckle, and use the rope to hang up it. 4, remove the wheel sensor from the steering knuckle. 5, apart from the steering knuckle tie rod ball head. 6, remove the shock absorber assembly from the steering knuckle. 7, removed from the wheel drive shaft. 8, hem down the arm from the steering knuckle ball head. 9, the wheel and steering knuckle as a whole to be removed. Second, the decomposition of semi-trailer axle 1, remove the brake disc from the wheel hub. 2, remove the spring. 3, remove the wheel from the steering knuckle and dust cover. 4, to be removed from the wheel hub bearing inner ring raceway. 5, remove the wheel from the steering knuckle bearing outer ring raceway. Three, semi-trailer axle check 1, check the wheel crack, spline is damaged. 2, check whether there is any scratch or damage on brake disc. 3, check whether there is any crack on steering knuckle. 4, check whether there is any crack or damage on spring. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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