Flat truck and rail platform trailer to distinguish?

by:FUSAI     2021-01-29
Platform trailer with flat trailer is not a type of orbit, orbit flat wagon is in orbit flat car, is generally motivated, use rail power supply or battery power supply a variety of ways; Flat trailer is generally unpowered model, through the fork lift truck or tractor traction and trailer operation, commonly known as drawing platform trailer, can run on the track or concrete surface. There are trackless electric flat car, although it is motivated, but without a track, can walk on the flat surface or a small slope. Trackless platform trailer, i. e. , no track platform, its orbit and is the main difference between flat wagon trackless flat car USES a solid package lugs, strong bearing capacity, according to the deadweight configuration to the size of the wheel diameter is different, generally configuration steering mechanism. Trackless platform trailer can free riding on the ground plane can even turn in situ, can also according to customer requirements set to a fixed route, etc. Trackless flat wagon than other ground drive truck, small size bigger bearing capacity, pallet height is low, the loading unloading is convenient, more suitable for the workshop material transfer. But trackless flat car because of a certain requirements, the bearing capacity of the ground load within 30 t, ordinary cement floor can be used, if more than 30 t, the ground will need to do steel processing, or laying the bearing capacity of high strength steel materials. So customers in the procurement of trackless flat car, taking into account to use condition, choosing the most suitable for their own handling flat wagon. Relevant tags: dynamic platform car axle
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