Fixed vehicle bridge maintenance instructions

by:FUSAI     2021-01-30
Fixed cargoes to other transportation tools also need regular maintenance in the future: 1, the hydraulic oil once appear dark, sticky or have the foreign matter such as gravel, should change in time; 2, check the roller, intermediate shaft and bearing, cylinder pin shaft and bearing, boom hinge axle and bearing such as presence of wear and tear, such as wear and tear shall be immediately for repair or replacement; 3 each part should be filling some lubricating oil respectively, so that we can extend the service life of bearing. Annual maintenance on fixed cllimbing trolley 1, put the hydraulic oil rejected, all change new oil, avoid to continue using the old oil. Otherwise the system will accelerate the wear of moving parts; 2, check all hydraulic pipes and fittings, pipe shall not be damaged, not loose joint, all joints must be tight; 3, unload and disassemble down valve, the plunger with compressed air blowing off, and then load a reinstall. Relevant tags: derrick axle
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