Every component can not be ignored on the steering axle

by:FUSAI     2020-05-27
??????The vertical and horizontal tie rod assembly is a component of the front axle of a small four-wheel tractor. It plays a role in controlling steering and transmitting steering force in the tractor. Its processing technology has not been ideal for many years. To this end, Yihe Axle Co., Ltd. improved the design of a new type of vertical and horizontal tie rod assembly structure. Its structure is simple and compact, which is easy to process and install. Installation and maintenance. Tie rod ??????After the loading test, its performance is reliable and stable, and the production cost is also reduced. Structural design and comparison of the tie rod assembly The installation position of the tie rod assembly is parallel to the front beam, and the two ends are connected to the steering knuckle through the steering arm. It is mainly used to control and maintain the steering consistency of the two front wheels. The new structure is compared with the original structure. Detail improvement. Cross tie rod structure comparison and technical analysis: the original tie rod material uses φ24 cold drawn seamless steel pipe, which is not only expensive but also needs to process threaded holes with a length of 5mm at both ends. For pipe materials, the processability of processing threaded holes Very poor, it is easy to deflect, tap and inconvenient to adjust the thread. After tapping, its burrs and iron filings are not easy to clean. It is necessary to twist the thread length during installation. The new tie rod uses φ15 cold drawn round steel. Its tensile and compressive strength meets the requirements of the test through the test. This structure is not only cheap, but the effective length of the thread at both ends is only 60mm, eliminating the outer round process (direct The thread rolling is enough), which greatly shortens the working hours, and the new tie rod is simple in structure, easy to inspect, clean, install and maintain. ??????Comparative analysis of the structure of the tie rod joint: the connecting part of the original tie rod joint assembly and the tie rod adopts a threaded entity, the thread length is 65mm, and the processing is not easy. The processing time of the rod part is 6.2min / piece, and a center hole is required. The joint part of the new tie rod uses 8mm thick two ribs to grasp the φ25 pipe part. The detailed structure is shown in the section in the figure. It can be seen from the figure that the new structure effectively shortens the length of the thread, and turns the original external thread into an internal thread. The effective length of the thread is 25mm, and the strength is sufficient to meet the requirements. The processing time is 4min / piece. The new structure of the tie rod joint has good manufacturability and processing. And installation are very convenient. #Tie rod assembly structure design and comparison The tie rod assembly is used for the connection between the tie rod and the steering gear, which is mainly used to transmit the steering force. The new and old structures of the adapter assembly (left and right) and tie rod steering The new and old structures of the joint assembly (left and right) are the same and will not be discussed here. The longitudinal tension rod is the same as the transverse tension rod, mainly subject to tension and pressure. Its material is still changed from the original φ24 cold drawn seamless steel pipe to the current φ15 cold drawn round steel. Its shape is equivalent to that of the horizontal rod, but the length is slightly It's just different. The new structure of the longitudinal tie rod assembly is the same as the new structure of the transverse tie rod assembly, with good manufacturability, stable quality, and easy installation, adjustment and maintenance.
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