Electric flat car maintenance and maintenance

by:FUSAI     2021-01-30
In order to make the electric flat car performance is more stable and effectively extend the service life, we are in at ordinary times should pay attention to the electric flat car maintenance. Electric flat car maintenance of battery, motor, main maintenance parts of tires, axle, five main parts of reducer, and the vehicle inside and outside need to regular cleaning dust, dirt, keep the vehicle clean. Customers can refer to the following maintenance methods to maintain the machine. 1, batteries, every 1 months for inspection, maintenance content is mainly to detect liquid supplement and the proportion of lead-acid battery. If the battery water shortage should be timely add supplements to the specified value. 2, motor, serviced once every three months, detection and cooling fan motor carbon brush bearing wear condition, no wear dust cleaning. 3, tires, check once every 1 month, check tire screw looseness, pressure are appropriate and tyre wear. 4, axle, check every 5 months time, check that the axle gear oil quantity and connecting bolt looseness. 5, deceleration machine, check every 5 months time, check that the reducer gear oil quantity and connecting bolt looseness. Suitable for axle and adding lubricant type reducer for L - CKC220 or L - CKC320 should be added to the specified value. Relevant tags: dynamic platform car axle
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