Drive axle structure

by:FUSAI     2020-02-09
The drive axle is located at the end of the automobile transmission system, and is mainly composed of a main reducer, a differential, a shaft and a drive axle housing. Main reducer The main reducer is generally used to change the transmission direction, reduce the speed, increase the torque, and ensure that the car has sufficient driving force and appropriate speed. There are many types of main reducers, including single and double stages , Wheel edge reducer, etc. 2. Differential The differential is used to connect the left and right half shafts, which can make the wheels on both sides rotate at different angular speeds while transmitting torque. Ensure the wheels are rolling normally. Some multi-axle driven cars are also equipped with a differential in the transfer case or between the shafts of the through transmission, which is called an inter-axle differential. Its role is to make a differential effect between the front and rear drive wheels when the car is turning or driving on uneven roads. At present, most cars use a planetary gear differential. A common bevel gear differential consists of two or four conical planetary gears, a planetary gear shaft, two conical half-shaft gears, and left and right differential housings. 3.Half axis A semi-axle is an execution shaft that transmits the torque from the differential to the wheels to drive the wheels to rotate and propel the car. 4.Bridge shell The main function of the drive axle housing is to support the mass of the car, and to bear the reaction forces and torques of the road from the wheels, and to the frame (or body) through the suspension; at the same time, it is the main reducer, differential Assembly bases for actuators and axles. The drive axle housing installation and manufacturing process is divided into punched axle housing, cast (cast iron, cast steel) axle housing. Traditional cast axle housings have the advantages of high rigidity, small deformation, and low cost, but they have long manufacturing cycles, complicated processes, and low efficiency. Punching welding axle housing has the advantages of good appearance, light weight, high cleanliness, and low failure rate. Punching welding technology is gradually replacing casting technology.
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