Drive axle reducer overheating solution

by:FUSAI     2021-05-21
Both hydraulic trailer axle driving platform car axle and the wheel moving locomotive bridge, this phenomenon will meet drive axle reducer overheating. So how to solve the encountered such a situation? 1, the phenomenon of excavator after a certain mileage traveled, drive axle moving parts within the relative sliding friction, and thus produce certain temperature. Touch should not have hot feeling, otherwise, be deemed to overheat. 2, reason analysis of drive shell main transmission parts are mainly of main reducer, differential and wheel reducer, etc. Main reducer and differential together, concentrated distribution in the middle of the drive axle, this piece of work is the phenomenon of sliding friction. Under normal circumstances, the matching of the relative motion within the drive axle parts surface have a layer of lubricant film as dielectric, in case the two parts in direct contact with friction. This not only delay the process of the mechanism of wear and tear, reduce the heat generated by the friction at the same time, through the flow of the lubricating oil can send out to take away parts of the heat generated by the friction, the main drive of the drive axle temperature is reduced, to maintain the normal temperature. Otherwise, it will make the two mating parts inside the drive axle in relative motion, the half dry friction due to the lack of lubricating oil or dry friction, the friction coefficient increases, the friction also increases accordingly, temperature rise. Due to lack of lubricating oil due to poor heat dissipation, temperature distributing the parts not to go out and accumulation, parts movement speed is higher, the longer the time, the higher the temperature. Drive axle, therefore, main drive part overheating, it is because of two relative motion of the surface of the parts work directly caused by friction. Friction can occur directly, it is not too little flattering lubricating oil or oil; 2 it is flattering, though there is enough oil, but because of the small fitting clearance when the gear meshing tooth extrusion too loose or too tight, make tooth surface can not form oil film produced by direct friction; Part three is overloaded with mutual pressure is too large, will have a direct friction parts surface oil film crowded broken, caused by overheating. Four is due to the lubricating oil quality worse make it difficult to form the oil film in the surface of parts, two parts directly friction and overheating will happen. 3, diagnosis and exclusion ( 1) Drive axle repair after the superheat, when using is tight assembly possibility is very large, should check the adjustment. ( 2) As a result of long uphill overheat, mostly because of the heavy load driving time is too long, should stop to have a rest. ( 3) If you examine overheating caused by poor lubrication, should suit the ruled out. For example, lack of lubricating oil should be added, lubricating oil should be replaced when the metamorphism. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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