Drive axle general common fault analysis

by:FUSAI     2021-01-27
Drive axle is a combination of the more important in car parts, but in the process of the use of the vehicle drive axle hard to avoid can have fault, drive axle general common failures have hair ring and fever. 1, gear tooth clearance is too large, the noise of the car, at the instant of the transform speed or speed is not stable, Such as drag) Arrhythmic emitted, axle heavy 'hitched, hitched' sound. When the speed is relatively stable, noise reduce or disappear. This kind of phenomenon is caused by the Lord, driven bevel gear tooth clearance is too large, can be adjusted through or replace gear to return to normal. 2, the gap is too small or tooth with disorders of the gear in the car, emit a continuous within the axle gear wheels, the frequency of the noise increases with the increase of the speed of the car; After the closed throttle, less noise; After parking, noise stop immediately. This kind of phenomenon is the main, driven bevel gear tooth clearance is too small or tooth or impressions to improper adjustment. In vehicle repair or replacement after the gear, may be adjusted to make it back to normal. 3, differential ring in vehicle differential role, turn around and round, planetary gear and axle shaft gear tooth or improper, caused by the collision. Generally characterized by clear 'luo, luo click' sound, serious when, drive axle with slight jitter phenomenon. After diagnostic examination, can either side of a wheel brake, with one thousand kg bumps on the other side of the wheel, start the engine, shift, lift the clutch, at this point, the differential differential role all the time, if the noise significantly increased, more for differential ring. Differential appeared sound, if noise is mild, and with the increase of the range, the noise decreases, can continue to use. If the noise is more and more serious, should immediately decomposition, find out the reason, immediately ruled out. The above is our lianyungang power platform car axle manufacturers, our lianyungang huayang machinery manufacturing co. , LTD. , specializing in producing all kinds of axle, if you are interested in our welcome to contact with us! Relevant tags: dynamic platform car axle
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