Did the brakes fail again? Probably for two reasons

by:FUSAI     2020-02-21
The brake is a necessary part of the machine and its main function is to control the operation of the machine. A common application in life is automotive equipment. However, some people report that as the machine is used for a long time, the brakes often fail. This is a particularly dangerous thing. Why does this happen? After research, it is probably due to the following two reasons: ??????? (1) Improper adjustment of the steering mechanism. After the braking force is applied, the brake cam of the drum brake does not rotate in place, and the opening angle of the brake shoe is not large enough to press the friction plate on the inner surface of the brake drum, causing brake failure. ??????? (2) The friction plate is worn. Because the brake is used for a long time, especially when the brake is used on a continuous downhill, the surface temperature of the friction plate will rise, and ablation, aging or severe wear will occur, which will greatly reduce the friction coefficient and affect the braking performance.
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