Correctly understand the wheelbase and wheelbase

by:FUSAI     2020-05-09
(1) Wheelbase It is a parameter that describes the distance between the axle of the car and it can usually be measured by the center of the front and rear wheels of the car. The length of the wheelbase directly affects the length, weight and many performance of the car. If the axle is shorter, the length of the car is shorter, the weight is lighter, the minimum turning diameter and the longitudinal passing angle are smaller, but if the wheelbase is too short, it will bring a series of shortcomings: such as insufficient length of the car or too long rear suspension The longitudinal and lateral swings of the car are large; the weight transfer is large when braking or when going uphill, which deteriorates the maneuverability and stability of the car. (2) Wheel track Refers to the distance between the center of the grounding points of the wheels on the same axis. For a twin-car, it refers to the distance between the points in the line connecting the grounding points of the two twins. The wheelbase has a great influence on the total width, total weight, lateral stability and maneuverability of the car. The larger the wheelbase, the better the lateral stability, which is also beneficial to increase the width of the passenger compartment. But the wheelbase is wider, and the total width and weight of the car are generally increased, and it is easy to have the disadvantage of throwing mud toward the side of the body. In addition, too wide wheelbase will also affect the safety of the car, therefore, the wheelbase should be adapted to the width of the body.
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