Comprehensive interpretation of McPherson independent

by:FUSAI     2020-06-05

MacPherson suspension (MacPherson) is now a very common form of independent suspension, mostly used in the front axle of the vehicle. Simply put, the main structure of the McPherson suspension is composed of a coil spring plus a shock absorber and an A-shaped hem arm. The shock absorber can prevent the coil spring from being biased forward, backward, left, and right when it is stressed. The phenomenon restricts the spring to only vibrate in the up and down direction, and the suspension performance can be adjusted by adjusting the stroke and damping of the shock absorber and using coil springs with different hardness. 

The characteristic of McPherson independent suspension is its small size, which is conducive to the layout of a relatively compact engine compartment. However, due to its simple structure, it does not provide sufficient support to the side, so the phenomenon of steering roll and braking nod is more obvious. The McPherson independent suspension was born in response to the advent of front-engine front-wheel drive models. Not only requires the engine to be placed laterally, but also to add a gearbox, differential, drive mechanism, and steering gear. In the past, the front suspension space had to be compressed and greatly deleted, so engineers designed a space-saving and low-cost McPherson independent suspension to meet automotive needs. 

McPherson is the name of the inventor of this suspension system. He was born in Illinois, USA in 1891. After graduating from university, he worked in aerospace engines in Europe for many years and joined the General Motors Engineering Center in 1924. In the 1930s, GM Chevrolet wanted to design a truly small car. The chief designer was McPherson. He is very interested in the design of small cars. The goal is to control the quality of this four-seater car within 0.9 tons and the wheelbase to 2.74 meters. The key to the design is the suspension. McPherson changed the front suspension method of the leaf spring and torsion bar spring that were popular at the time, and creatively combined the damper and the coil spring together and installed it on the front axle. Practice has proved that this type of suspension has a simple structure, takes up little space, and has good maneuverability. Later, McPherson switched to Ford. In 1950, the two vehicles produced by Ford's subsidiary in the UK were the first commercial vehicles in the world to use McPherson independent suspension. 

The McPherson independent suspension is composed of coil springs, shock absorbers, and A-shaped hem arms. Most models will also include lateral stabilizer bars. The physical structure of the McPherson independent suspension is a pillar-type shock absorber that also serves as the kingpin, withstands the up and down prestress from the body shake and ground impact, and the knuckle rotates along the kingpin; in addition, the kingpin can swing The characteristic is that the position of the kingpin and the front wheel positioning angle change with the up and down of the wheel, and the change of the front wheel positioning is small, with good driving stability.                                

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