Chinese and English terms commonly used in the

by:FUSAI     2020-05-25
As an automobile front axle manufacturing industry, do you sometimes worry because you do not understand the various abbreviations in the documents? So let me answer your questions now! Several commonly used are as follows: CP-control plan; SP-support process; PPM-parts per million; MP-management process; CPK-process capability index; SPC-statistical process control; COP-customer-oriented process; MSA-measurement system analysis; PPAP-production part approval procedure; APQP――Advanced product quality planning; FMEA-analysis of potential failure modes and consequences; DFMEA――Design potential failure mode and consequence analysis; PFMEA――Analysis of potential failure modes and consequences of the process; PPK――Initial Process Capability Index; OTS-tooling sample; ET-design verification stage; PT-production verification stage; PP-initial mass production; SOP-small batch production;
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