Causes of oil leakage on car rear axle

by:FUSAI     2021-05-21
The rear axle of an automobile is an assembly in the drive train, which transmits the power of the engine from the drive shaft to the driving wheels, and can reduce the speed and increase the torque to ensure that the vehicle has sufficient traction and appropriate speed. At the same time, change the direction of power transmission and bear the load of the car. It is understood that the common faults of the rear axle of the automobile include: oil leakage, abnormal noise, overheating, etc. The following analysis mainly focuses on the oil leakage failure: 1. Excessive gear oil on the rear axle of the automobile will increase the resistance of the gear and the power consumption and pressure. Too much damage to the oil seal and joint gasket, causing oil leakage. 2. The air vent of the axle housing is blocked, the temperature rises during driving, the pressure increases, and the oil is squeezed out to cause oil leakage. 3. Oil leakage at the joint surface of the half-shaft guide tube and the gearbox body is mainly caused by damaged paper pads and loose bolts or nuts. The paper pad should be replaced, and the bolts and nuts should be tightened. 4. The outer end of the half shaft pipe is equipped with a skeleton oil seal, with the oil seal lip facing inward and facing the gearbox body. If the installation is reversed or the oil seal is aging and cracked during use, the ring spring is too loose, broken or falling off; the gasket is damaged or the fastening bolts or nuts are loose, the oil plug is loose or the shell is broken, which will cause oil leakage. If oil leakage is found at the outer end of the rear axle tube of the vehicle, the oil seal should be checked in time and replaced if necessary. 5. Gear oil is not clean. Due to improper storage, transportation, and use of oil, molding sand, residue or metal scraps are left in the rear axle housing of the automobile; or the housing is not cleaned during repairs, which will cause the gear oil to be unclean and cause oil leakage of the axle shaft seal . Therefore, the relevant parts must be thoroughly cleaned before installation, and the gear oil used must be clean. Related tags: semi-trailer axle
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