Causes of cracking of the brake drum

by:FUSAI     2020-05-12
The brake drum is also called the brake pot. The brake drum is a key part in the brake system of the car. The quality of the brake drum directly determines the effect of the self-brake, and even related to the safety of your driving, so choose a qualified car brake drum to Important. The following editor will take you to understand what are the reasons for the brake drum cracking? Brake drums often suffer from overheating and redness due to dry friction and large friction during braking. At this time, workers often pour tap water on the brake drum to reduce its temperature. The brake drum continuously and strongly rubs to generate heat, which causes the surface temperature to increase. Using tap water to reduce the temperature of the brake drum, the foot has a quenching effect, which increases the local hardness of the surface layer, increases the internal stress, and enhances the cold brittleness. At the same time, due to the repeated action of the tangential force, local cracks initiated at the bulk carbides and inclusions of the surface layer. With the effect of irregular alternating impact force, the crack propagation at this location was accelerated. In order to prevent the phenomenon of 'pushing head' on wet roads, some semi-trailer tractors in the country weakened the brakes of the main vehicle, and relied too much on the trailer brakes, which resulted in excessive load on the brake drums of the trailers, leading to high failure rates. Brake watering is an important device for ensuring the safety of domestic trucks at present. The main function is to reduce the temperature of the brake drum and reduce the thermal degradation of the brake. And if the brake drum is too hot and watered, the only consequence is cracking of the brake drum. The above is the analysis of the cause of brake drum cracking. When choosing a brake drum, you can't just look at the price. You must choose a good quality brake drum to protect the driver's life at a critical moment. I hope that the editor ’s introduction today can help you well. In addition, if you still need it, you can call us at any time, thank you for watching!
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