Causes and solutions of abnormal brake noise

by:FUSAI     2020-05-14
The topic of car maintenance and repair continues to rise, today we look at the common 'brake abnormal noise'! Speaking of abnormal brake noise, many car owners are no strangers. The brake is an important system to ensure the safe driving of the car. Once there is abnormal noise, it is not a trivial matter. It is necessary to eliminate the fault, find out the cause and solve it in time. The brake pads are badly worn. Unused brake pads are generally 1.5 centimeters. If the wear is serious about half a centimeter, they will completely fit the brake discs, resulting in iron grinding. This phenomenon is very dangerous. If the fault light of the brake system is always on, or the brake has a sharp and abnormal noise for a few days, you should immediately go to a professional repair shop to find the fault repair. The abnormal noise of the brake is caused by the looseness of the brake plate, which is not installed after disassembly, or the damage of parts after receiving the impact. Another is to troubleshoot or repair the problem based on the abnormal sound of the brake. The first is the common screams. The reasons for the screams are no more than two. The first is that the brake pads are almost worn out. When it hits, there will be a squeal of metal friction; another situation is that a foreign object is caught between the brake disc and the brake pad, just remove it. If the car is parked for a long time, it is prone to the problem of rusting of the brake disc. When braking, you will hear an abnormal noise. The rust can be removed after a period of safe driving, or the rust on the surface can be wiped off immediately.
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