Car rear axle of the bad technology conditions

by:FUSAI     2021-01-28
On the road, the car rear axle of the bad technology status refers to is not in conformity with the technical documents specified in any of the requirements of the situation, a dysfunctional technology condition of automobile rear axle has the following several possible, let's motivation for lianyungang professional platform car axle manufacturers to introduce for you! 1, the main use of performance indicators do not meet the conditions of the technical documentation; 2, main performance in full compliance with the provisions of the technical documents, only the appearance, shape and other minor performance parameter values do not meet the conditions of the technical documents, and shall not affect the automobile rear axle fully play its function. Car rear axle wear refers to the material on the surface of the work wear phenomenon, due to relative motion vehicle wear is a normal phenomenon, is the inevitable result of the friction with the wear and tear, and the wear will cause of automobile rear axle of the change of the shape, size and surface properties, to gradually reduce the performance of automobile rear axle, the wear is a very complex phenomenon, it has to do with the material of the automobile rear axle, shape, hardness, surface processing quality, force, working conditions and so on all has the certain relations, most of the automobile rear axle because of wear and tear caused by a scrap. Relevant tags: dynamic platform car axle
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