Can commercial truck parts be customized?
Please consult Shandong Fuhua Axle Co., Ltd Customer Service for a specific model. commercial truck parts , as one of our hot sales, has always been popular among different groups of people. According to the principle of customer-orientation in our company, providing perfect service and satisfied products for our customers is our purpose. For the customization, we can manufacture standardized product in accordance with the customers’ requirements such as shape, color, logo and so on. We will spare every effort to manufacture a delicate product to meet the customers’ demand. We will never make the customers lose their confidence and reliance on us.

Shandong Fuhua Axle has been specialized in R&D and production of trailer axles for years and highly recognized by industry people. According to the material, Shandong Fuhua Axle's products are divided into several categories, and independent trailer suspension is one of them. The design of FUSAI cantilever suspension covers different areas of consideration. They are silhouette, fabric, color, pattern, texture, graphics, fashion direction, and so forth. The product comes fully assembled and is ready to use. The product has the advantages of strong functionality, high performance. Each step in its forging, metal rolling, thermal treatment, machining, punching, welding, medium frequency quenching, and powder coating is completed by experienced operators.

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