Brake requirements for the brake system

by:FUSAI     2020-03-04
??? The brake is a component that controls the operation of the vehicle. There are many types according to different needs. According to the different braking elements, they can be divided into belt, shoe, and disc brakes. Depending on the brake operating mechanism, it can be divided into mechanical and hydraulic. ???? Requirements of the braking system in the brake: ???? The brake system is a mechanism to ensure the safe driving of the vehicle, and usually requires the following specific requirements. ???? 1) There should be sufficient braking torque, and the main parts and operating mechanisms must have sufficient strength to ensure reliable work. ???? 2) The operation should be labor-saving, the braking process should be smooth, and the braking force should increase steadily as the pedal moves down. ???? 3) The brake should have good sealing and heat dissipation performance, and the friction surface should not be easily contaminated, so as not to reduce the braking effect. ???? 4) The brake operating mechanism should be able to maintain the brake for a long time, so that the tractor can stop for a long time on the slope.
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