Before and after the bridge, the classification and function

by:FUSAI     2021-01-29
Front axle driving axle categories: 1, according to different suspension structure, the axle can be divided into broken open and not break open type two kinds. When taking the independent suspension, called it a broken open. 2, according to the role of the axle is different, can be divided into the steering axle ( Only to function, such as van front axle) , bearing bridge ( Only a support role, such as tractor) And drive axle ( The engine power, such as the van driving axle) And to drive axle ( Go to, as well as turning, basic it is cars) 。 3, steering axle and bearing bridge is a bridge driven. Front axle for more steering axle and rear axle ( Or tin) For the drive axle. Suv ( Before driving cars) On the front axle steering drive axle, semi axle is supporting the bridge. 4, cannot turn to bearing bridge, other function and structure are basically the same. Front axle driving axle structure: front axle driving axle is part of the front and rear axle, front axle including suspension spring, steering, balance shaft, driving axle also includes the drive shaft, gear, etc. Multi-axle truck rear driving axle and rear axle without flooding also points, a drive axle is no shaft connection, do not belong to the part of the driving wheel, is usually more than 3 axis heavy card and tractive tractor is working principle of automobile rear axle; Engine power to the transmission out, by shifting to the rear axle gear plate. Differential as a whole, there is: feeling a toothed plate with a cross on column with above two asteroid gear (turning speed regulating effect) differential is put, stand on both sides, there are two small round holes, with feather, we often say that half shaft is inserted on the inside, the spider did not move in a straight line, turning the cross shaft move to adjust the speed of the tire on either side, to improve the maneuverability of the car when turning the! The engine, the clutch, transmission and drive shaft transmits power through reducer, drive down its rotating speed, torque increase, and the moment passed to driving wheel axle shaft; Under automobile rear axle load; The road through the leaf spring reaction force and the torque to the frame; Car when driving, plays a role of main brake rear wheel brake, and when parking, parking brake rear wheel brake. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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