Axle oil brake and the characteristics of steam to kill?

by:FUSAI     2021-01-29
Liangshan trailer axle axle choose first is to understand the role of the axle, axle in the entire car has played a good role in driving, has good load for gravity to ensure we get better use. Installation of axle braking way, there are two divided into gas and oil brake. Oil brake when installation is very simple just need brake pump, pump, oil cup and connecting line, do not need other accessories; Air brake for to become complicated, in addition to the brake master cylinder, wheel cylinder, brake pipe, and pump relay valve and other parts, need to install the space is large, the structure is complex, we adopt is barely able to brake, so that to ensure the safety of the brakes. Oil reaction force is no match for the air brake, when to brake reaction dynamics is relatively small. The working principle of the brake mainly through friction, let the brake pads and brake disc ( Drum) And the tire friction with the ground, will the car to stop, formed the kinetic energy of the vehicle and friction can transform. Good efficient braking system must be able to ensure that in the process of the vehicle more stability and security. The heat will inevitably to the whole braking system, and then to choose brake oil. Brake oil need to launch system of the vehicle for us to provide stable pressure, when a choice must hold pillow is high temperature resistant, not easy to be affected by the outside world in metamorphic. Can deliver braking effect, let us completed brake during braking of the process. Due to the important role of brake oil in the car braking system, brake oil using must be in strict accordance with the national standards for choice, our country made strict rules on the use of brake oil. Liangshan trailer axle of the power system must carry on the reasonable choice, ensure that the use of more reasonable and unified, axle have to be reasonable and check regularly, ensure less pull process would be able to complete. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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