Axle of daily maintenance and maintenance

by:FUSAI     2021-01-29
1, vehicle running before check whether axle external connection bolt looseness, axle oil, wheel, gear reducer assembly is sound, etc. 2, axle compulsory maintenance: A: mandatory maintenance depending on different kinds of working condition in the vehicle 3000 - 5000 km. B: for the first time maintenance content including: replace lubricating oil, gear oil, check before the front axle, adjust the brake clearance, etc. , check the fasteners, etc. 3, axle regularly maintenance: A: regular service is the first time in the maintenance after each run about 10000 km. B: regular service are: the content of the oil change, tighten the fasteners, beam before check, check the brake lining wear degree, to wear limit should be paid to timely replacement, and adjust the brake clearance check reducer assembly, and the master-slave dynamic gear and driven gear gap is too large, gear oil is more than the use efficiency, if there is a similar situation should timely adjust the clearance and replace the oil. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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