Axle industry import and export forecast

by:FUSAI     2021-01-29
Hydraulic trailer axle export markets: the financial crisis before auto parts export maintained rapid growth, at the end of November, 2009, national many ministries jointly issued 'on promoting China's sustained and healthy development of automobile products export opinions, put forward the automobile and parts exports from 2009 to 2011, strive to achieve an average annual growth of 10%, to 2015, the automobile and parts exports reached $85 billion, the average annual growth of about 20%, by 2020 China's automobile and parts exports accounted for 10% of the world car products trade strategic objectives. If according to this goal, will reach 550 billion - 2015 China auto parts exports, accounting for 17% of the total market. Rigorous, scientific research methods to ensure the accuracy of the research report and quality. The 2013 - In 2017 China heavy vehicle axle industry investment environment research and development of analysis report mainly USES the research methods are: 1) Census: we nearly hundred practitioners in the heavy vehicle axle industry has carried on the interview or telephone access, get the best data. 2) Tracking research: real time control of the heavy car axle industry dynamics, to ensure that we in the heavy vehicle axle industry track mechanism is established, by visiting every month get heavy car axle industry development. 3) Government data: we query the heavy vehicle axle industry key enterprises file statistics, file for industry and commerce, customs import and export data, etc. , for more authoritative information. 4) SOWT analysis: the SWOT analysis and porter five analysis method, we analyzed the heavy car axle industry and enterprise competitive advantages and disadvantages and potential threats and opportunities. 5) Scientific prediction: we use regression analysis, time series analysis, factor analysis, portfolio analysis methods such as the development trend of heavy duty vehicle axle made full prediction. Relevant tags: derrick axle
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