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Automobile axle ( Also known as the axle) With the frame through suspension, Or a monocoque body) Install the wheels connected to both ends. Role: in the frame and the axle ( The wheels) Heritability and torque between suspension, rather than the axle. Axle's role is to bear the load of the car, keep the car on the road of moving. Type axle can be integrated, like a huge weight, both ends by suspension system to support the body, so integral axle usually cooperate with the independent suspension; Axle can also be broken open, like two umbrella in on both sides of the car body, and their respective through suspension system to support the body, so breaking axle with independent suspension. According to different driving mode, the axle is divided into drive axle, steering axle and steering bridge four axles and support. The steering axle and support bridge are driven bridge. Most of the cars driven by lead after ( FR) , so the front axle as steering axle and rear axle as the drive axle; And before the front drive ( FF) Automobile front axle be steering drive axle and rear axle bridge ACTS as a support. To bridge structure is basically the same, is composed of two steering knuckle and a beam. If the beam to the body, steering knuckle is the head, he swung his neck is that we often say that the king pin, wheel is installed on the steering knuckle, like the head with a straw hat. However, when you drive, turn straw hat, head did not turn, middle separated with bearing, head just sway. Neck - — King pin is wheel rotation axis, the axis axis is not perpendicular to the ground, the wheels themselves are not vertical, there is a lesson in wheel alignment. Lianyungang huayang machinery manufacturing co. , LTD. Is engaged in hydraulic trailer axle, dynamic platform car axle and wheel unloading locomotive bridge etc. Quality assurance, best-selling country, models complete, the price is materially beneficial. Service hotline: 13705130267 relevant tags: derrick axle
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