Automobile winter maintenance skills

by:FUSAI     2021-01-28
Cars need 'three points, seven FenYang', is through a positive inspection and maintenance, to find and eliminate some of the early, potential, recessive fault. 1, stop and start when parking at night to avoid the vehicle parking in FengKouChu, cars as far as possible don't immediately after startup, or hit the throttle. Because the vehicles, is composed of metal, especially inside the engine cylinder, after a night of wind and temperature is reduced, heat absorption and characteristics of the metal conductivity can make frosting phenomenon produced inside the engine, the internal temperature will drop too low, not only can bring great difficulty to the engine start, and damage of the engine itself also is very big. So, as far as possible don't immediately after winter boot, or hit the gas, because the oil through the oil pump to the parts, if there is no good lubrication, drive and accelerate, will certainly cause vehicles in various parts of serious injury. 2, wiper if found out early in the morning is consume the glue on the windscreen wiper, never use hot water washing directly, so easy to make the window because of temperature change and deformation of crack, wiper. Right way is to open air conditioning to hot wind, blowing mode for the front windshield, wiper nature melt. 3 winter tank should be inspected regularly, cooling system, water pump, water pipe, filling water tank and belt and so on various parts is working normally, if there is any damage or malfunction, best timely repair or replacement. Otherwise may be for a small pipe, wasted a bucket of antifreeze. Especially some summer water temperature on the high side, repair personnel took the thermostat down, although you can solve the problems of the summer, in the winter in turn. The motion of the vehicle has a lot of matters is we need to pay attention to, the timing of vehicle maintenance and maintenance can make the car play better performance! Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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