Automobile suspension system what effect is there?

by:FUSAI     2021-01-28
We semi-trailer axle to bring everyone know about the small car knowledge, the suspension system is not strange to us, let's to share some of the role of the automobile suspension system. Car suspension system is very sophisticated, but also of car, one of the major structure of the so-called suspension system is car chassis and axle or the floorboard of the wheel force connection between the device and its role is to transfer function between the wheel and the frame force and torsional force, and the buffer by the uneven road surface to the impact of the frame or body, and the attenuation of the resulting vibration, to ensure that the car can run smoothly. Typical suspension system structure consists of elastic element, steering mechanism and the shock absorber, individual structure and buffer block, transverse stabilizer bar and so on. Suspension system is an important assembly of the car, it relate frame and wheels elastically, relationship to a variety of performance of car. Car suspension system is only consists of a number of rod, tube and spring, but don't think it is very simple, instead of car suspension is a more difficult to meet the requirements of automobile assembly, this is because the suspension system should not only meet the comfort requirements, and to meet the requirements of the manipulation stability, and these two aspects is in opposition to each other. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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