Automobile Manufacturing's Restrictions on Economic

by:FUSAI     2020-05-23
Throughout the economic development of the world's major economic powers, they all have a very close relationship with the automobile industry. The top one and two in the automotive industry are the first and second runners-up in global companies, and it seems to be a good illustration. Leaving aside the distant Europe and the United States, we only need to focus on our neighboring countries in Asia. Both Japan and South Korea are mainly after the rapid development of the two major industries of automobiles and electronics, which has driven the entire national economy. The development of the automobile industry has driven the development of important auto parts companies such as automobile axles. Therefore, the importance of the automobile industry to the country can be imagined. Vehicle industry As the backbone of the manufacturing industry, the automotive industry has always been a pioneer in the application of CAD / CAM / CAE systems. The application of 3D technology has effectively promoted the advancement of the automobile manufacturing industry; the demand of the automobile industry has also greatly driven the development of 3D technology. For many years, the selection trend of the automotive industry has been a barometer for the development of CAD / CAM / CAE technology, and is also the focus of the industry. The professional and technical departments within Yihe Axle Co., Ltd. are widely used. Therefore, reviewing the selection process of giants in the automotive industry in recent years and understanding the current status of the application of CAD / CAM / CAE technology by peer axle manufacturers will undoubtedly play an important reference role in CAD users' selection decisions. With the substantial increase in automobile production and the relatively fixed amount of ownership, competition has intensified and the profit of each automobile has fallen sharply. How to reduce costs in every aspect of the product development of the front axle and rear axle assembly of automobiles under the premise of improving quality has become the goal of the axle manufacturers. As competition intensifies, axle manufacturers are required to bring high-quality new axles and new models to the market faster. The automobile manufacturing industry is a technology-intensive and labor-intensive industry. In order to reduce production costs and reduce pollution, auto manufacturers often build parts factories with high labor content and low technology content overseas. Therefore, collaborative development and data sharing have become an important factor restricting the product launch cycle. After entering the 21st century, the application cost of 3D technology is not too high compared to more than 20 years ago, and the cost of product development is rising, among which the cost of development engineers is particularly obvious. Therefore, the new software system is bound to replace the old framework software that supports the entire enterprise product information, product data management system (PDM), and is gradually being used by many axle manufacturers.
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