Automobile front axle correction need to be repeated after the inspection?

by:FUSAI     2021-01-28
Axle is important parts in the car, at the same time, vehicle driving axle is the need for correction after using process, but the automobile front axle correction need to be repeated after the inspection? In fact, the answer to this question is yes, automobile front axle correction must be repeated after the inspection! After correction for automobile front axle plant must be repeated inspection, because only in this way can fully ensure that its use is very safe, because it is after the damage occurred deformation, need to do some correction method of cold pressing, and if we check out it exists a certain degree of bending and deformation, it is necessary to put it in the press for cooling correction above, and if this kind of method to reach the purpose of what we need, can undertake heating in its local place, then to correct, but we must pay attention to is that he is in the process of heat, cannot be too fast, and we are some automobile front axle manufacturers often use charcoal fire, so that can ensure that its temperature not too high, because if the temperature is too high, to the overall mechanical properties of the he is very bad, we when to correct some fixed clamp are taken by the longer lever for use, so it is easier to move in to correct, and we after correcting, must achieve the original models of standard can, so can ensure a safe performance when we use cars! Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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