Automobile front axle assembly-split axle housing

by:FUSAI     2020-05-20
???????????Single-stage main reducer with split-type axle housing: The structure of differential bearing is only found in medium and small cars. The structure of the single-stage main reducer with split-type axle housing. ???????????The middle part of the axle housing is also the main reducer housing. It is divided into two parts by a longitudinal joint surface, and is connected into a whole by a circle of bolts at the joint surface. The structure of the driving bevel gear and its supporting device is the same as that of the driving gear, and the driving bevel gear and its supporting method are similar. ???????????In addition, their differential bearings are directly installed in the bearing housing holes on the axle housing, so the support rigidity is large. However, because this structure must remove the entire drive axle from the car when adjusting the main reducer, it is very inconvenient to maintain and adjust, so this structure has been rarely used. ???????????Single-stage main reducer with integral (pipa-type) axle housing ???????????Differential bearing cover; bearing adjusting nut; bearing; main reducer housing; differential housing; support bolt; driven hyperboloid gear; oil passage; adjusting gasket; dust cover; fork flange; oil seal; Bearing seat; Oil return passage; Active hyperbolic gear; Guide bearing; Planetary gear washer; Planetary gear; Half shaft gear washer; Half shaft gear; Planetary gear shaft (cross shaft); Bolt.
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