Automobile driving axle sound is what reason

by:FUSAI     2021-01-28
For gear oil application problems, reflect more for train operation in the process of rear axle gear box has a special sound, sometimes with the speed increase, the noise will be bigger; Some vehicles has improved after change gear oil, some vehicle oil change, in what kind of oil, more or less throw is sound. Automobile driving axle sound is what reason? Whether can go to improve? Fine analysis of the reason is: 1, gear oil was insufficient or viscosity decreased; 2, support bearing looseness improper adjustment. 3, the main reducer gear tooth clearance adjusting improper; 4, too much gear wear and tear or damage; 5, differential planetary gear, axle shaft gear and axle shaft spline excessive wear or damage. If belong to the gear oil caused by insufficient or gear oil viscosity decreased, can be improved by changing oil, add sufficient oil or the original switch to single stage of the oil with multistage oil, or high viscosity oil level; If belong to mechanical failure cause, get into the factory repair, therefore can try to add the appropriate new oil, still no improve parking overhaul. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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