Automobile bridge car maintenance information is introduced

by:FUSAI     2021-01-28
Often clean rear axle shell vent plug of dirt and dust. Check gas hole plug and oil drain plug, permeability, oil leakage is found, should tighten or replace sealing washer in a timely manner. Because half shaft flange transfer torque is large, but also the role of shock load, must often check half shaft bolt fastening situation, prevent loose and half shaft bolt caused by fracture. Per 2000 km, to various nozzle 2 # lithium grease filling, cleaning the air plug, check the bridge shell gear oil surface height ( Open the bridge shell on the back cover of the oil plug to check) 。 Each travel 5000 km, check the brake clearance. Every 8000-10000 km, monitor the fastening of the backing plate, check the wheel hub bearing nut loose kuang situation; Check the wear condition of brake pads, if wear pads exceeds the limit, it must be replaced brake pads; Check the quality of the bridge shell gear oil, such as are deteriorating, thinned phenomenon, new oil should be replaced in a timely manner. The first oil change range is 2000 - 4000km; After each driving 15000 km shall replace gear oil. Good for car maintenance can make the performance improvement, years without maintenance vehicle can produce this or that kind of problem, at the same time as vehicle axle of the more important a part is also very important, more than the axle maintain little detail hope to be able to help you, if you are at the same time our semi-trailer axle axle type such as related requirements welcome to contact with us! Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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