Analysis of the factors affecting the quality

by:FUSAI     2020-06-03
The market competition of the automobile front axle is the competition of product quality, and the quality of the axle depends on the quality of the raw materials. There is no material with excellent performance. Even with advanced design and production methods, it is difficult to manufacture a good automobile Bridge products, therefore, raw materials are one of the important factors that affect the quality of automobile front axles. The design of the front axle of the car includes not only the design of the structure, but also the design of the materials and processes used. A good design must require that the materials are selected reasonably, must ensure that the front axle of the car has good working performance during use, and must ensure that the car The front axle is easy to process and manufacture, and it must be guaranteed that the production cost is low. Therefore, the correct selection of materials has always been an important part of the production design of the front axle of the car. The use performance is a necessary condition to ensure that the front axle of the car completes the specified performance. In most cases, it is the first consideration for the material selection. The use performance mainly refers to the mechanical properties and physical properties of the material of the front axle of the car under use. And chemical properties, different car front axles, the required performance is not the same, so you need to pay special attention. In the way of management, especially in the way of plan management, we must reflect on how our plan management, the way of plan management, the automobile front axle branch and various departments should do a good evaluation, hope Don't leave everyone behind, everything is subject to market orders, and plan management.
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