Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of McPherson

by:FUSAI     2020-06-05

In addition to the shock absorption effect, the pillar-type shock absorber on the McPherson independent suspension must also bear the role of supporting the body, so its structure must be compact and rigid enough, and the coil spring must be able to absorb shock And the spring and shock absorber together form a spool that can move up and down. There is also a key component-A-shaped lower arm, its role is to provide lateral support for the wheels, and can withstand the prestress from the front and rear directions. During the movement of the vehicle, the impact forces of the wheels in all directions are borne by the two components of the pillar shock absorber and the A-shaped lower support arm. 

As can be seen from the construction drawings of the existing products of Fuhua Axle, the structure of McPherson suspension is actually very simple, and the benefits of this simplicity are its light weight and small size. For many front engines, For wheel-driven vehicles, most of the space in the front part should be used to arrange the horizontal engine and gearbox. The space left for the suspension is not large, so the small size and light weight of the McPherson suspension will be advantageous. The performance is very obvious, and the simple structure is also the weakness of the McPherson suspension. Compared with the double wishbone and multi-link suspension, the shock absorber and coil spring both support and buffer the vehicle's up and down shaking, so it does not provide sufficient support for lateral forces. 

In this way, the body of the vehicle has a significant roll when turning, and there is a significant nodding phenomenon when braking. In order to control costs, many small cars with McPherson suspension can only keep such defects. Although the roll can be reduced by adding anti-roll bars, it cannot cure the situation. On high-performance models, by adjusting elastic elements and adding tie rods and other adjustments, the McPherson suspension can also become very powerful, but this also deviates from the characteristics of the McPherson suspension, which is small, light, and low-cost. .                                

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