Affect the causes of brake failure

by:FUSAI     2020-03-04

After the brake has been used for a long time, sometimes the brake does not work. Let ’s take a look at the causes of failures that affect the brakes. 

① The free travel of the brake pedal is too large. 

② There is insufficient or no oil in the reservoir of the brake master cylinder. 

③ The brake fluid is deteriorated (thinned or thickened) or the inner wall of the pipeline is too thick. 

④ Air entering the brake line or the vaporization of the brake fluid has caused air resistance. 

⑤ The brake master cylinder, wheel cylinder, pipeline or pipe joint leaks oil. 

⑥ Pistons and cylinders of brake master and wheel cylinders are excessively worn. 

 The aging or abrasion of the bowls of the brake master cylinder and wheel cylinder caused poor sealing. The oil inlet of the brake master cylinder and the ventilation 7L of the reservoir are blocked. The oil outlet valve and oil return valve of the brake master cylinder are not sealed; the preload force of the piston return spring is too small; the front end of the piston penetrates / J, TL is blocked. Improper clearance between brake drum and brake shoe; the contact area between brake drum and brake shoe is too small; the quality of the brake shoe is poor or oily, the brake shoe rivets are loose; The grooves are worn or out of round, and deformed during braking.                                

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