A product profile of the automobile front axle

by:FUSAI     2021-01-28
In the front of the car is mainly connected with the two relatively tyres used to set up a body called the front axle of the car. Front axle has the function of the bearing, brake, walk, turn. The classification of the automobile front axle of front axle classification for the drum and the form of the brake disc brake; According to the brake air brake and hydraulic brake ( ChanXiangShuang led the hoof and two-way since power) ; Axle weight: micro card, light trucks, medium, heavy card, 0. 5 to 7. 5 tons; Front axle structure is mainly composed of front axle, king pin, steering knuckle, brake assembly, the wheel hub, knuckle arm, tie rod assembly, etc. The structure of the automobile front axle front axle is primarily a front axle of the main bearing parts, generally speaking, there are tubular and forging type two kinds of structure forms, each one a punch shape on both ends of the front axle of bold part as the part of the king pin installation. Both sides of the middle part of plate spring bearing surface to install leaf spring and its accessories. King pin is primarily important parts of the vehicle performance. There is stop groove on king pin, pin lock by retaining groove to fix king pin on the front axle of king pin hole, also can't make it cannot turn axial movement. Steering knuckle is the main steering knuckle front axle on the main steering parts. It use the king pin and hinged front axle and the wheel hub bearing supporting the wheel pair, to realize the steering function. Mainly is to realize the main components of the wheel brake brake assembly, with oil and gas brake two forms. In vehicle brake command, with the brake drum brake friction slices through the expansion of the processing surface contact creates friction braking. Front axle brake choice is critical, if choose undeserved, can appear before and after the brake force do not match, brake can't put a lot of problems, such as required. Wheel combination by two main rolling bearing installed on the steering knuckle, driven wheel rotation. And friction plate form friction pair at the same time, realize the wheel brake. Main points straight knuckle arm lever arm, tie rod arm, respectively connected to a straight rod assembly and tie rod assembly. Formation of steering and steering trapezoidal mechanism. Steering gear to complete vehicle steering, steering trapezoid determines the Angle of inside and outside of the vehicle is reasonable. Tie rod assembly is mainly beam before the adjustment of main components. Shaft was made by seamless steel tube, both ends is the joint structure of the spherical hinge assembly, through the screw thread cooperate after installed on the tie rod arm, the shaft is adjustable, in order to adjust the toe. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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