A common knowledge of automobile front axle

by:FUSAI     2021-01-28
Car in the process of driving must pay attention to regular maintenance and maintenance, if the automobile front axle inspection when bending deformation, must be timely in the stress on cold pressing correction, cold if the school can not reach the purpose, the automobile front axle is local heating after correction, correction must be repeated after the inspection, accord with the original type automobile front axle standard regulations. Automobile front axle driven, fixed, steering and bearing effect, if the automobile front axle has 1 or more distortion correction method, form, and automobile front axle of front axle bending or torsion deformation, thermal calibration method can be used, the front part of the local heating to 500 ~ 600 ° C, manually correction, also can use front axle hydraulic correction calibration, the calibration machine can be in the same location the colonel with inspection, not only ensure the quality of correction and improve production efficiency. Automobile front axle of crack damage in principle not weld repairs, lest affect driving safety, but for the tiny crack can be welding repair of mechanical parts, such as found in between the two steel plate spring seat, crack depth is not more than 1/4 cross-section depth, can open into a v-shaped slot will crack, using direct current welding. Welding automobile front axle in order to prevent the temperature too high, using the discontinuous welding method, welding seam should not be higher than that of substrate 10 mm. Such as crack depth more than a quarter, according to the above method after welding, and welding a increased iron to be reinforced, to ensure that the service life of automobile front axle. Relevant tags: derrick axle
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