A common failure diagnosis and elimination of axle

by:FUSAI     2021-01-29
Run in driving axle especially hydraulic trailer axle partial phenomenon, must hold the steering wheel when the car driving in a straight line, is able to keep straight. If slightly relax the steering wheel, the car will automatically run to one side. So what causes? Mainly include the following: 1) Wheel alignment values are not correct, the first bundle adjustment is undeserved, too big or too small. 2) The left and right front wheel kingpin caster Angle or wheel camber Angle is not equal. 3) Brake drum and brake shoe lining clearance adjusting uneven, too tight, too loose. 4) On both sides of the leaf spring break, cause elastic range. 5) Steering knuckle or steering knuckle arms bend deformation. 6) Front axle or frame bending or torsion. 7) Left and right sides tire pressure are not equal. 8) Front wheel hub bearing adjustment improper, left and right wheel bearing looseness. 1) Check the left and right front wheel tire pressure is uniform; If it is after change new tyres appear running deviation phenomenon, should check that the left and right tire specifications and tyre pattern are consistent. 2) Touch the wandering on the side of the brake drum and wheel hub bearing parts whether fever. If fever, drag brake lag or wheel hub bearing adjustment too loose or too tight, tight while loose phenomenon. 3) About measuring wheelbase are equal. 4) Check whether there is any broken on leaf spring before, if the front axle deformation. 5) If the above are normal, check the adjustment should be made for wheel alignment. Relevant tags: derrick axle
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