5S should also be implemented in the maintenance

by:FUSAI     2020-06-01
????????There are many items and contents of technical maintenance for automobile axles. From the nature of work, it is mainly cleaning, inspection, fastening, adjustment and lubrication. The automobile is composed of front axle assembly, rear axle assembly and components, and each assembly and component has many maintenance items and certain technical requirements. Therefore, when carrying out maintenance, only the maintenance items that should be carried out in accordance with the technical requirements are comprehensively and carefully done to ensure that the car has a good technical condition and can work reliably under any conditions. As for what kind of work items to carry out, it is often different depending on the model. In summary, there are the following aspects: ??????1. Clean. The cleaning work is the first thing to be done in the maintenance work of the axle, and it is to prepare for the maintenance work such as tightening, adjustment and lubrication. If it is not clean, the front axle assembly, rear axle assembly and components are covered with mud. It is difficult to check and find faults, which makes the fastening unreliable, the adjustment is inaccurate, the lubrication parts invade the dirt, and the maintenance quality is difficult to guarantee. The requirements for cleaning work are: the car is clean and tidy, and the steering system components are free of dirt. ?????2. Check the tightening. When performing maintenance operations on the front axle assembly, rear axle assembly, and components, observe and inspect the various parts of the steering system, especially the oil damage and looseness at the connection of each machine part, and ensure that the connection is tight and the seal is reliable. All bolts and nuts should not be loosened. The spring washers, flat washers, cotter pins, metal lock wires and lock plates that should be equipped should be fitted together. When disassembling the bolts and nuts on the main parts, they must be carefully checked, such as thread deformation and screw breakage should be replaced. All bolts and nuts with specified tightness should be tightened with torque wrenches as required. ??????3. Adjustment. By adjusting to restore the normal fit clearance and normal working performance of the front axle assembly, rear axle assembly and parts properly adjusted, it can reduce parts wear and improve the economy and working reliability of the car. Therefore, the adjustment work must be carried out carefully and meticulously in accordance with the requirements. The gear mesh clearance and bearing clearance must be adjusted according to the technical requirements, not too large, too small, too loose, or too tight. Where there is a locking device in the adjustment part, it must be locked firmly after adjustment. ??????4. Lubrication. The gear oil used in the front axle assembly, rear axle assembly and parts is determined according to their working conditions and seasons and cannot be replaced at will. Summer gear oil is mainly used in the transmission system of automobiles in higher temperature areas. Gear oil in cold areas is common in winter and summer in cold areas. When adding grease, pay attention to whether it meets the requirements. For example, in places with high temperature or water, the same type of grease cannot be used. Lubricating grease is not added as much as possible, of course, too little can not guarantee lubrication, so it is necessary to add the appropriate amount. ??????5. Safety. Safety protection and safe production are all parts that must be paid attention to in the manufacturing process of automobile axles, especially when winter comes, the front axle assembly and the rear axle assembly The finished paint surface is changed to water-based paint to improve the quality.
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