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100% quality drum axle trader for sale

100% quality drum axle trader for sale

100% quality drum axle trader for sale

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Qingdao, China
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20 Days
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Application Scope
trailer axle parts has a wide range of applications.Since the establishment, Fuhua Axle Parts has always been focusing on the R&D and production of trailer parts manufacturer. With great production capability, we can provide customers with personalized solutions according to their needs.
Company Advantages
1. Safety control for FUSAI independent trailer axle mainly involves five aspects. They are the testing of formaldehyde content, pH level, peculiar smell, decomposable aromatic amine, and colorfastness (resistance to water, sweat stain, dry fray, and saliva).
2. Under the strict supervision of our quality experts, the product has passed 100% conformity testing.
3. This product acts as an important role in improving the comfort of people and protecting them from the outside elements.
4. It defines the look of a space. The colors, the design style, and the material utilized of this product do bring a lot of change in the look and feel of any space.

Product  Information
German Spoked Axle
As a professional trailer accessory supplier, Shandong Fuhua Axle Co., Ltd. has designed the German type trailer axle according to the related European standard. The rated loading capacity of this trailer parts is available from 12 ton to 18 ton. Our skillful technical team can design suitable product according to your requirements for various parameters.As an engineering equipment parts provider, we have more than 10 years of production experience and well equipped equipment for production and quality test. We can guarantee the excellent quality of our German type trailer axle. Besides, our annual production capacity is as large as 50,000 sets.
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Product parameters

German Spoked Axle

Axle Size



TR Track (mm)

Brake Size

GM Center Distance Of Brake Chambe(mm)

Wheel Fixing P.C.D×H


Axle Tube (mm)

Weight (kg)

Recommended Wheel

 LP Total Length (mm)













































Product  Feature

  • 1.The axle tube is made of girder with reinforced cross section. The material utilization rate is high, while the product is light, and its torsion resistance and bending resistance are both excellent. Besides, it is very easy to connect to the trailer suspension using our German type trailer axle.

  • 2.The spindle head is forged with alloy material by a series of technical processing, including tempering, high precision machining, finishing and stress relieving. The inner races of both the big and small bearings can by pull out and push back by hands, so it is quite easy to install and maintain the product. In the field emergent operations, the advantage of our German type trailer axle is more obvious because there is no need to heat the bearings or use additional tools during the entire process.

  • 3.Special lubricating grease is adopted. At the temperature from -30℃ to 150℃, the oil layer can keep great evenness and lubricating performance. Thus the bearings' service life could be extended by more than 20%.

  • 4.The bearings of our German type trailer axle are purchased from famous company in China. They feature compact structure, great toughness, desirable anti-wear performance, good heat resistance, high impact resistance, high loading capacity and reliable safety.

  • 5.The oil sealing mechanism of the bearings adopts a floating type oil retainer structure, which features simple installation, good sealing performance, and long service life.

  • 6.The end cap of the spindle head comes in a one-piece type, making it quite simple to install and remove. In addition, the end cap in our German type trailer axle also serves as a lubricant container.

  • 7. (1) The soft non-asbestos brake shoe features stable braking, high friction force, good thermostability, low braking noise, and long service life. The worn powder during the braking is harmless to human (Figure 7A).(2)The wear limit is marked both on the brake shoe and the drum brake of our German type trailer axle. So the inspection and replacement are very convenient (Figure 7B).(3) The quick-change type brake shoe comes with a hasp type return spring. So it is easy to check and change the brake shoe (Figure 7C).(4) The bayonet type mechanism is adopted for connecting the brake shoe and anchor pin, giving our German type trailer axle extra advantages like convenient installation, self-compensation, and rapid returning. The elastic C type snap ring is a wear-out part, while the body of the brake shoe is an anti-wear component which can be repeatedly used without a significant decrease in braking stability (Figure 7D). All the accessories of the braking device is in standard size, so they can be easily replaced.

  • 8.Two elastic locating rings are mounted on the wheel bolt symmetrically, ensuring that the good run-out precision of the tyre assembly during the installation, as well as the thread in the wheel bolt won't be damaged due to the repeated tyre installations.

  • 9.The design of our German type trailer axle is based on the international standards. Additional room is available for the installation of ABS device from different companies.

Company Features
1. Shandong Fuhua Axle Co., Ltd is a trustworthy company based in China. We are problem solvers in designing and manufacturing independent trailer axle .
2. Proud of technology strength, Shandong Fuhua Axle Co., Ltd is technologically advanced.
3. To pursue cheap trailer axles , torsion stub axle will be the eternal tenet of Shandong Fuhua Axle Co., Ltd. Inquire now! drum axle , is the spirit of continuous development of FUSAI. Inquire now! We are always ready to help customers for any possible problems about our types of trailer axles. Inquire now!
Shandong Fuhua Axle Co., Ltd adopts people-centric approach to types of trailer axles product design. The ads can be printed on its shell, which brings double profit to the investor
FUSAI drum axle is constructed from superior materials with modern technology. It offers effective protection for merchandise against weather conditions
FUSAI types of trailer axles is made by raw materials which meet the quality standards. Its modular design increases reliability while reducing maintenance costs
FUSAI drum axle is designed with an innovative concept. Its body is designed to restrict UV rays, light, and heat transmission
We uses the latest advanced technology in manufacturing FUSAI torsion stub axle. It has alert functions for fault diagnosis
The product meets with the international quality standards, which has been approved by the international certificates. Its body is designed to restrict UV rays, light, and heat transmission
To ensure its quality, our professional staff conducts the strict quality management system. Its body is designed to restrict UV rays, light, and heat transmission
To ensure its quality, FUSAI cheap trailer axles is examined on various parameters at every level of production. Featuring power-off protection, it can restore the data after the restart
The product has excellent features like reliable quality and reliable performance. With DEX technology, it ensures the accuracy of cash accountability
Strict rules in quality inspections has been set up for this product. Its body is designed to restrict UV rays, light, and heat transmission
It is produced under a strict internal quality control regime. It is equipped with premium coin changer and bill acceptor
Shandong Fuhua Axle Co., Ltd has obtained much achievement in types of trailer axles area. It offers effective protection for merchandise against weather conditions
Shandong Fuhua Axle Co., Ltd has established a strict product quality control system. Its payment system supports coin, paper money, mobile wallet, IC card, QR code, Apple pay, Samsung pay, Quick Pass, etc
FUSAI sticks to the quality tenet of being the first-rate independent trailer axle manufacturer. Its modular design increases reliability while reducing maintenance costs
Well-known for refined quality, torsion stub axle can be customized. It is explosion-, dust-, and water- resistant
Under strict quality tests, cheap trailer axles is of high quality when arriving to customers. The high sensitivity of its drop sensor allows the machine to function properly
In order to provide the professional service,FUSAI employees the most experienced and friendly serve team. The stiff foam between the outer cabinet and internal tank adds structural stability
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